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For more than twenty years, Hanyin Group's main focus has been multicultural education, from Taiwan to Canada, China and the world. Our goal is to provide incomparable opportunities for all students interested in pursuing higher education.


Currently, we operate in four main domains across the world: Taiwan, Canada, China, and International. Hanyin Group focuses on building a multicultural environment for students from all cultural backgrounds by connecting Eastern and Western education systems together.

Our services are offered through a number of well recognized brands including: 

  • Hanyin Bilingual High School 

  • Columbia International College Taiwan (CICT)

  • Tainan International Academy (TIA)

  • Hanyin Education Consulting Inc. (HECI)

  • HECI Camp

  • Taiwan Association for Future Leaders (TAFL)

About Hanyin Group
About HECI Camp

Hanyin Group's HECI Camp has been providing summer/winter camps and activities for students since 2003. Based on North American Camps for students, the summer/winter camp activities are designed by experienced experts.

At HECI Camp, Students will not only learn Taiwan's diverse culture through cultural classes, they also learn team work and leadership skills through camp

About Hanyin Education Consulting Inc.

Hanyin Education Consulting Inc. (HECI) is a professional education consulting company that provides students with a broad range of education related services. Our services include:

  • School Applications

  • Education Consulting Services

  • Visa Application and Renewal

  • Document Notarizations

About Taiwan Association for Future Leaders (TAFL)

TAFL is a non profit organization in Taiwan. TAFL's mission is to help youths grow as an individual, and build transferable skills in forms of leadership and teamwork. 

TAFL aims to provide a platform where teenagers are given an opportunity to communicate and connect with leaders from the East and the West. We organize monthly empowering events, workshops, international spring and summer camps for students to experience life at a different country.

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